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Our focus goes beyond recreational marijuana use! We feature breaking news about edibles, drinkables, legal enjoyment, and stoner culture, from street style to marijuana haute cuisine, and all our stories are fact-checked so you read only the absolute “green truth”. And, we give equal space to all aspects of marijuana and hemp use, such as medical and psychiatriac trials, use and efficacy and new developments; hemp uses from fuel to fibre, ethical plastics and animal feed; spiritual uses and background; political stories and so much more!
GreenTruthNews is your finger on the pulse. Did you know that hemp is finding use in the aerospace industry? That marijuana can treat severe schizophrenics? Find all this and more, from your GTN team. We collate, examine and share the very best green stories, so you have always got green news to share with your best bud, or your straightlaced aunt. Our team have diverse interests in the green movement, and give this site its eclectic vibe that makes it a vibrant news hub with stories you won’t find elsewhere.